Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Testimonials...

“The kirtan is amazing, the workshops are inspiring and thought provoking, I learn something new about myself each year. This retreat brings me back to three things…Seva, Sangat and Simran…this is where I connect with Waheguru, this is my Sangat…”


“TSR is not only a weekend to reconnect on a spiritual level but also on a social level, all while having fun. It makes me fall in love with Sikhi again.”


“Last year's Toronto Sikh Retreat was my first experience, and to be honest the idea of a religious retreat was intimidating to me as I didn't really know where I stood in terms of Sikhi and my path; in fact I wasn't sure I was on a path or wanted to be on one. I have to say TSR changed my life and was one of the most amazing experiences I have had. I not only got a better idea of what sikhi meant to me, but made some amazing life long friends along the way. In the end I had nothing to lose and everything to gain...”

- Inderpreet Kaur

“TSR 2010 was my first time at this retreat and will def. not be the last! . The workshops were absolutely amazing, so inspiring (especially the Ardas workshop). It was an awesome opportunity to learn some more about Sikhi, meet new people with such great energy and also do some self reflection. Will def. be back for 2011 TSR:). WOOOO!”

- Ishneet Kaur

“an opportunity to do seva by preparing food for the youth and to see the happy, content faces after each meal!!”

- Surinder Jalaf

"Toronto Sikh Retreat is the funnest, most-spiritually uplifting and motivational weekend of the year"


“TSR sangat is an amazing group to learn from and share with – a beautiful way to start the year!”

- GK

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