Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Testimonials from 2009 TSR

Here is more feedback from past attendees about TSR:

Toronto Sikh Retreat was a great opportunity to meet the Canadian sangat. Through conversations, laughter, and keertan, I discovered the role of Sikhi in their lives not only as individuals but as a sangat. It inspired me to reflect and grow as a Sikh. We talked about gurbani, history, music, politics, diversity, and snow-it was great! - Ravneet Kaur, USA

It was truly an enjoyable experience last night sitting in the presence of the Guru with all of you. I cannot begin to emphasize how important this venture is and how the retreat is instrumental in the propagating the wisdom and essence of Guru shabad. I knew the moment my son had sat down after bowing to the Guru that he felt this energy.....he was in a place of comfort....he was in the abode of positivity, love, warmth.....Rehras Sahib, was being recited with such love and "rus".....I commend you all - Onkar Singh, Brantford, ON

2009 Toronto Sikh Retreat was an incredible experience; there was a great amount of mutual respect amongst participants. There was no pressure to take part in the activities however the activities and the workshops were so engaging that I would not have missed them. It was a positive environment for older age groups to come together to explore their spirituality. I have no words to describe the open mic night, which incidentally left me laughing for days! - Jaspreet Kaur, Brampton, ON

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